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Telecoons Cattery
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Mary Sietsema & George Eigenhauser

                 GC RW TELECOONS COLBY                                                  GC RW TELECOONS COLBY
                   red mac tabby with white                                                          red mac tabby with white
                                    06/10/01                                                                                                      06/10/01

"Colby" retired from our breeding program after siring several CFA Grand Champions and Grand Premiers.  He has several of his off-spring in breeding and show homes.  Colby is our "forever boy" and lives a life of leisure.   He is still a lovable "gentle giant" and has passed his calm, easygoing personality on to his off-spring.


red classic tabby male
We are very pleased with our newest male at Telecoons Cattery!  A very special "thank you!" to Emmons and Lindy Brown of LAPD cattery for allowing "Eric" to live with us.   Eric quickly earned his CFA Grand Champion title and was also "Best Cat" in his last Grand final!

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